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Square Ducted Ceiling Exhaust Fans


We’ve designed these hard-workers for low roof or inter-floor spaces. The built-in draft-stopper improves energy-efficiency by preventing drafts from spoiling your interior temperature when you’re using heaters or air-conditioning.

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Square Ducted Ceiling Exhaust Fans

  • Nominal voltage: 240V a.c 50Hz
  • Cut-out size: 230mm x 252mm
  • Ducting:  100mm x 3m
  • Motor rating: 34W
  • Fan type: Centrifiugal
  • Airflow: 160m ‚‚¡¡³/h with 3m ducting
  • Fascia size: 290mm x 290mm
  • Fascia protrusion: 20mm
  • Projection into ceiling: 170mm
  • Weight: 2kg

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