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THE TULI LED Pond Spotlight


Sprinkle these around your pond and create your own fantasy garden. TULI is a lightweight spotlight that will not only bring out the green in your garden, but leave a green footprint with her excellent use of energy.

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THE TULI LED Pond Spotlight

  • Power: 4.5W:
  • Lumen output: 370 lm:
  • Housing Material / Finish: Aluminium Powdercoated Black:
  • Voltage: 12Vac:
  • IP rating: IP68:
  • CCT: 93 ‚’‚ :
  • Replacement globe: 3.5W LED-MR16 (UPTO 20W Halogen MR16):
  • Mounting: Metal Bracket / Plastic Ground stake:
  • Wiring connection: Jaw Lock connector:
  • Lifetime (Lamp): 25000hrs @ 25 ‚’‚ C:
  • Warranty: 1 yr Fixture Only:

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