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Excel USB Powerpoint


From now on, THIS is a standard powerpoint. Forget bulky adaptors, plug your USB cords straight in. With 2 x 2.4A USB charging sockets, you can charge two devices, even tablets, at top speed simultaneously. 



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Excel USB Powerpoint

  • USB charging capacity: 2 x 2.4A
  • Nominal input voltage: 230-240V a.c. ± 10%
  • Nominal input frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Nominal current (powerpoint): 10A
  • Nominal output voltage Vout: 5 V d.c. ± 5%
  • Stand-by power consumption: Vin ≤ 0.15W
  • Overload protection: 4.6A ± 0.1A
  • Surge protection: 4,500A, 150J
  • Operating temperature: 5° to 35° C
  • Safety standard: EN60950-1, AS/NZS 4665, AS/NZS 3100, AS/NZS 3112

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