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Switches & Sockets

We make products to keep you switched on

From retro rocker switches to hardcore metal, we make every switch, socket, dimmer, fan controller and phone jack you'll ever need for home, work, or play. They're safe. They win awards. And we've got your back for any after sales service you need.

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Express Yourself with Colour


Colour made a comeback in the 00s, and everything was about streamlining, harmonising, de-chunkifying design. So skinny minny Linea was conceived. With a slimmer profile than the traditional switch plate it blends into walls. And with a choice of bright, bombastic hues, or earthy neutrals, switches & sockets got a bit more fun.

The Classic All-rounder


The 80s brought us cassette tapes, hypercolour, WHAM, shoulder pads, Miami Vice, big hair and the best-selling Excel range of switches & sockets. It was the first range on the market with removable snap-on, snap-off coverplates which made painting easier and allowed people to mix and match coverplate colours according to decor. Cassette tapes are long gone, hair spray sales have plummeted, but Excel has prevailed. Classic design endures.

Hardcore Metal

Architectural Metal

Move over painted plastic fakes and microthin metal coverplates, Architectural Metal switches & sockets are made in Australia from stunning 304 grade, thick stainless steel. A favourite of architects for both exquisite residential and commercial interiors, Architectural Metal plates sit flush in the wall, creating a shadowless finish.

Retro Cool


What's old is new again. Maybe. Our Standard (they were creative at naming in the 70s) range of switches & sockets is tried, tested, and like acid wash jeans, it has hung around long enough to have an edgey coolness about it. Pragmatic, rudimentary, deconstructed, it skirts fabulous old factories, old town halls, school corridors, original Mod Squad style apartments and film sets.

Powering-up The Great Outdoors


With backyard BBQ areas and patios becoming full scale, decked-out culinary adventure zones, outdoor power has never been in such demand. Add our penchant for pools, spas and air-conditioning, and you'll recognise the need for weatherproof switches & sockets that can handle our great outdoors without cracking under the pressure. Aqua answers this call.

The Bits & Bobs You Need to Get the Job Done

Installation Accessories

Every super hero needs a sidekick. And every MacGyver needs a bunch of wires, ties and other miscellaneous sundries to make great stuff happen. Get it done. And get it done fast with these accessories.